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Aoudad Hunts Oklahoma

Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch has been working hard to build a healthy population of trophy aoudad for you to hunt. We will begin offering aoudad hunts year-round starting in May 2021. Also known as Barbary Sheep or arruí, they originated in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. They were first introduced into the U.S nearly 75 years ago in the Guadalupe Mountains along the New Mexico Texas Border. Our experienced guides know their way around this type of terrain and will work relentlessly to keep get you in range of a trophy aoudad sheep. 

Aoudad Hunting Season

Aoudad Hunting Season in Oklahoma

Join us on a guided aoudad sheep hunt anytime throughout the year starting in May 2021. We generally hunt from comfortable blinds and tree stands, but can also do safari-style spot and stalk hunts giving hunters the thrill of stalking a barbary sheep. We can accommodate any style of hunt you prefer whether it's with a bow, crossbow, or rifle. 

Aoudad Hunts

The Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch Guarantee

As any hunter knows, no fair chase hunt is truly guaranteed, although at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch an opportunity to harvest a trophy is almost assured. We guarantee you will have an exceptional experience with a quality opportunity at a trophy aoudad sheep. Although this is a high fence preserve, the ranch is acres 4,300 huge, our aoudad are wild, making the hunt a challenge. On the rare occasion that you don't harvest an aoudad, you will still be charged the standard hunt package fee for your stay and services provided. A trophy fee will only be charged if an animal is killed or wounded. In the case of irretrievable wounded animals, the full price must be paid based on horn length. 

Available Packages and Pricing

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