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Guided Hog Hunts in Oklahoma

Guided Hog Hunts in Oklahoma

Wild Hog Hunts

Archery, Crossbow, Rifle or Pistol Wild Hog Hunts

If you want an action packed, adrenaline pumping adventure, an archery or gun hog hunt at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is just up your alley. We not only have trophy wild boars on the ranch that grow to over 250 pounds, but also a large population of “meat hogs”.

The wild hog hunt packages are for the 1) individual guests, or for 2) prearrange group hunts. If you book a trophy hunt package for Whitetail deer, Elk or Bison, hog hunting can be added in without additional trophy fees. 

NO STATE LICENSE IS REQUIRED FOR HOG HUNTING during times of the year outside of the scheduled Oklahoma deer season. Group Hog Hunts are for groups of 4 to 8 people using a longbow, recurve, compound, crossbow, rifle or pistol. Ranch lodging can be arranged from 2-5 days/nights duration.

Hunters must use the accommodations provided by the ranch at the luxury lodge. There are four luxury bedrooms with queen sized beds along with their own private bathrooms and showers. We have one larger bedroom with two bunk beds and a private bathroom/shower that will accommodate up to four hunters.

Available Packages and Pricing

Lodging at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch

Lodging at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch

Food and lodging - All hunts will include food and lodging. Arrival will be between noon and 3 pm on the first day of the hunt. The ranch is behind locked gates so hunters will be required to call a phone number to be welcomed through the entry gate. After a welcoming introduction and safety meeting, the hunters can shoot their bows at the 3-D range, zero-in rifles at our gun range, or just relax and get their gear organized prior to going out for an evening hunt.

Hunters will be provided breakfast, lunch, and a dinner. Extra snacks, morning oat meal, cereal, lunch meats, soft drinks, and bread will also be provided, but bring your own alcoholic beverages. Spouses are welcome. Non-hunting guests will be charged an additional $75 per day if the same private bedroom is shared.

Hog Hunting on the Ranch

Hog Hunting on the Ranch

Your guide will drop you off and pick you up at your hunt location twice daily. The semi-guided hunt will begin at 3 to 5 PM after their arrival when hunters are transported out to their blinds or tree stands. Pick-up for the evening hunts will be after dark. If you hit a hog and need assistance in a retrieval, you can contact your guide via cell phone for an earlier pick-up. The following morning, hunters will be taken out to their blinds or tree stands just prior to sunrise. You are required to stay in your blind or tree stand until at least 8 AM. After 8 AM, if you would like to spot and stalk, you are welcome to give it a try. Remember to keep the wind in your face! Wild hogs have an excellent sense of smell. Their eyesight is only good if you are caught moving. A bowhunter can get within 20-30 yards almost every time if the stalk is done well.

Pick-up will be between 10 AM and 11 AM at a predetermined time and place. Brunch will be around 11 AM. Hunters are free to do what they would like through the mid-day. You are also always welcome to-take off on foot to chase the pigs after the morning hunt. Your guide will take you out to the blind or tree stand again between 3 and 5 PM for the evening hunt. Hunting on the ranch will end at the 11 AM brunch on the last day of your hunt. The hunting party will leave the ranch (hopefully with coolers full) to head home between noon and 2 PM on the last day. Night hunts can be made by special arrangements with your guide and will incur an additional fee. 

Night hunting can be arranged for an additional fee (ask your guides)

Additional recreational activities (ATV riding, electric mountain biking, skeet and trap, side by side rental) can be arranged for an additional fee. See Recreational Packages.

How Many Pigs Can I Shoot?

Are Hog Hunts Unlimited?

How many wild pigs can I shoot?


There is no limit on the amount of hogs you can shoot on the ranch. As many as 3 hogs have been harvested by an individual bowhunter in one evening hunt. The hunt package will include "Ranch Processing" to skinning and quartering of your first 2 wild hogs. Your first two hogs will be "Ranch Processed" at no additional charge. Your hogs will be stored in a walk-in cooler until you are ready to pack them up in coolers for the trip home. Hunters shooting additional hogs (over 2) will be charged a processing fee of $300 per hog.

Care of Your Harvest

Care of Your Harvest

Harvested wild hogs will be taken back to a professional skinning and processing room. Our "Ranch Processing" service includes 1) retrieval from the field, 2) gutting, 3) skinning, 4) removing the backstraps and tenderloins, 5) quartering, and 6) chilling your meat in a large walk-in cooler, or freezing your meat prior to departure. For the return trip home, we recommend that you bring one or two coolers for your meat. "Ranch Processing" is included in the packages for the first two hogs harvested by each hunter. A "Ranch Processing" fee of $300 will be charged for each additional hog for the retrieval, gutting, skinning and quartering.  You can donate the meat but are still responsible for the cleaning/processing fees after your second hog.

For an additional charge, your meat can be taken to a local meat processor to be made into your desired cuts, sausage, or hamburger. 

Recommendations for Your Hunt

Recommendations for Your Hunt

Remember to sight in your gun prior to the hunt. We also have a rifle range out to 500 yds. to check your sights or just to practice your shooting.

In an archery hog hunt, if you are using a pin site, it is best to have a sight light. Also, high powered, green or red lens flashlights can be used on picatinny stabilizers for low light conditions (Pigs will often time come in to your stand or blind right at dusk). Bring all your necessary hunting equipment and don’t forget to have extra arrows and broadheads. We have a few tree stand safety vests, but it is best to bring your own. All tree stands will have safety ropes to clip yourself onto prior to climbing. If you don’t like tree stands, you can hunt from one of the many stationary ground blinds. You are also welcome to bring your own pop-up blind for added mobility. If you are going to spot and stalk, we highly recommend snake boots or leggings, along with tick/insect repellent for your body and clothes.

If you plan on hunting anything other than feral swine (coyotes, bobcats, axis deer, whitetail deer, elk, or buffalo), or if you are doing your hog hunt during the state scheduled deer season, you will need to purchase a 5-day out-of-state Oklahoma hunting license for a nominal fee. This can be done on-line at www.wildlifedepartment.com/licensing.

We encourage free predator hunting at any time during your hunt. 

What Is Not Included?

What Is Not Included?

Transportation to or from the ranch:
The ranch is located just southeast of Stilwell, Oklahoma. If you need to get picked up at a local commercial airport (Fayetteville, AR - 1.5 hrs; Fort Smith, AR - 1 hr; or Tulsa, OK - 2 hrs), there will be an additional charge of $400 round trip (maximum of 3 passengers).

Alcoholic beverages:

There are several local taxidermists that can do good wild boar mounts, or you can bring your trophy home to your own taxidermist. Wild boar skull mounts are popular and can be done by one of our guides for an additional fee. 

If you are going to go off into the woods, it is a good idea to go on-line to OnX Maps. You can download Oklahoma or the ranch area to save for offline mapping. Your GPS on any smartphone will work offline with an OnX map. Cell reception is best with Verizon.

Your guides, lodge chief and cleaner, and game processors will work hard for you. If you feel they have done a good job, please tip them individually or as a group. The gratuity is customarily between 10% to 20% of the total hunt cost.

Additional meat processing:  "Ranch processing" (first 2 hogs) to quarters ready for transport home is included in your hunt package. An additional fee of $300 will be applied to each additional hog (over 2) harvested.   Meat can also be fully processed and packaged at a local unaffiliated meat processor for an additional fee. 

Additional recreational activities:                                                                                                                                          Rental fees for recreational activities are included in the Recreational Packages page.

Booking the hunt

Booking the hunt

To book the hunt, go to the contact page of the website. 

*A $1000 deposit is require to preserve a date ($3000 group hunts). Make checks payable to:

Anchor Point Properties, LLC

2215 Indian Sky Lane

Newbury Park, CA 91320


**The remainder of the hunt package due in cash, check, or credit card upon arrival. There is a 3% fee for credit card payments. 

Hunt pricing is in the Packages & Pricing section of the website. 

See Our Available Packages

Single Day Ranch Pass

Single Day Ranch Pass - Individual Single day ranch passes are available for guests that are interested in a do-it-yourself excursion on the ranch. Included with the day pass is 1 hog, transportation to and from a blind or around the ranch, the ability to spot and stalk, lunch, along with field dressing or skinning & quartering of the harvested hog.   

Hunters shooting additional hogs will be charged a "ranch processing" fee of $300 per hog.

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