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Trophy Private Land Elk Hunts Oklahoma

Trophy Private Land Elk Hunts Oklahoma

Trophy Private Land Elk Hunts

Trophy Bull Elk on the Ranch

Our Elk Hunting trips are for the individual or small group of hunters looking to experience a true adventure chasing a trophy bull. Our trophy elk are pure genetic offspring of the original Yellowstone elk herd, with no crossbred red stag influence.

Hunting a true trophy Rocky Mountain Elk in a very wild and challenging hunt is best during the fall frenzy of rut when these massive bulls are out chasing the cows. Imagine a rut-crazed bull responding to a cow call at close range as you draw your bow or slowly raise your rifle. It is intense! The elk hunts are available in October through early December to take advantage of the rut for Trophy Bulls scoring up to 400" or above. 

Elk hunting packages at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch are 3 days and 4nights with check-in at 4 pm and check-out at 10 am. Our bull elk trophy fees are determined by the size of the bull you harvest. You will determine the size of bull you want to bag and our guides will help field score the bulls that you encounter. Although field scoring should be no more than one level off, it can only be an estimate. The final gross B & C score will be determined after the kill. 

Due the the experience and quality of our guides, you will see many trophy elk, but may also have the opportunity for trophy whitetail deer, bison, axis deer, fallow deer, aoudad, and wild hogs. You can make it a combination hunt and add on a trophy whitetail deer, bison, axis deer, fallow deer, or aoudad. 


Available Packages and Pricing

Guaranteed Elk Hunts

Our Guarantee

As any hunter knows, no hunt is truly guaranteed. At Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch an opportunity to harvest a trophy is almost assured. We guarantee you will have an exceptional experience with a quality opportunity at a trophy elk. Although this is a high fence preserve, the ranch is 4300 acres huge, and our bull elk are roaming wild, making the hunt a challenge. On the rare occasion (so far we are 100% for rifle or bow on trophy elk) you don't harvest an elk, you will still be charged the standard hunt package fee for your stay and services provided, but a trophy fee will only be charged if an animal is killed or wounded. In the case of irretrievable wounded animals, full price must be paid based on the gross B & C score.

Outdoor Activities Oklahoma

After The Elk Hunt

Success rates for trophy elk on the ranch are high and shot opportunities at a trophy elk are almost guaranteed. When you have harvested your trophy of a lifetime, we offer a variety of other activities for you to enjoy.

Other hunting opportunities also include trophy whitetail hunts, wild hogs, exotic deer and sheep, and upland bird hunts. Other recreational activities include atv riding, fishing and a number of shooting ranges. 

Wild hogs can be added to this hunt for a nominal precessing fee.   

What's Not Included?

What's Not Included

Transportation to or from the ranch:
The ranch is located just southeast of Stilwell, Oklahoma. If you need to get picked up at a local commercial airport (Fayetteville, AR  -1.5 hrs; Fort Smith, AR - 1 hr; or Tulsa, OK - 2 hrs), there will be an additional charge of $175 for each way (maximum of 4 passengers).

There are several local taxidermists that can do beautiful elk mounts. You can bring your trophy home to your own taxidermist. If your trophy will be going to an out-of-state taxidermist, we can provide skull caping by a local taxidermist or one by one of our guides for an additional fee. 

Meat processing:   Our guides will gut, skin, and quarter your elk. If you want complete processing to your favorite cuts, we have a local meat processor that will do that at an additional fee. Your meat can also be shipped at an additional fee. 

Your guides, lodge chief and cleaner, and game processors will work hard for you. If you feel they have done a good job, please tip them individually or as a group. The gratuity is customarily between 10% to 20% of the total hunt cost.

Additional recreational activities:                                                                                                                                                    Rental fees for recreational activities are included in the Recreational Packages page.

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