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Ozark Mountain Wilderness Preserve

Hunts at HMH Ranch

Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch (HMH Ranch) is regarded as one of the most beautiful wilderness ranches in the Ozark Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. It is the home to large herds of trophy elk, whitetail deer, bison, wild hogs, and exotics including Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, and Aoudad. Our 4300 acre high fenced preserve is laced with ranch roads and ATV trails allowing our guests to explore miles and miles of the spectacular landscape. Add our our luxury accommodations, fantastic cooking, additional amenities,  and Oklahoma hospitality, you are bound to have a hunt of a lifetime. 

HMH Packages

HMH Ranch Hunt Packages

Our hunt packages are designed to accommodate the needs of all our guests. The packages include individual guests, husband/wife, parent/child, and group packages. Our group packages are designed for friends, families, corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties. Although we are planning on the addition of luxury cabins and enlarging the lodge in the near future, we can currently accommodate small groups of up to 8 people in the lodge. Our trophy elk or whitetail deer packages will allow the hunter to add additional trophies under the same package. Any combination can be done for just the additional trophy fee. Remember! A wild hog is allowed during any trophy hunt. 

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Although HMH Ranch is a high fenced wilderness preserve, it is a vast ranch with mountains, hollows (canyons), rugged rocky ledges, food plots, creeks and ponds, interlaced with a network of roads and trails. We can accommodate all experience levels and ages of hunters with our experienced guides helping to formulate the type of hunt that is best for each individual. We hunt from ground blinds, tree stands, calling in bull elk, spot and stalk, and safari style. 

This is not a guaranteed kill hunt, but our opportunity rates are nearly 100% and our success rates for both archery and rifle trophy elk or whitetail deer has been 100%. We do guaranteed that our staff at HMH Ranch will make every effort possible provide you with a hunt of a lifetime and an exceptionally  high chance to shoot the trophy of your dreams.  

If you do not draw blood, there will not be a trophy fee for any of our hunts. Although our success rates are extremely high for harvesting your trophy (nearly 100%), we can't guarantee that every hunter will harvest their trophy. If you don't shoot any game (harvest or wound), you will not pay a trophy fee. All you pay for is the lodging, meals, transportation around the ranch, and guides fees which are all included in the hunt package fee for each hunt.